Returns & Exchanges

To send an order in return to us, start by contacting us and submit a request. Please read everything on this page before you do so.

How do I return items purchased on
Contact our support team and include the information listed below in your message:

  • Order number
  • Full name
  • Email used when ordering 
  • Name of the product you ordered
  • Describe in detail why you want to return your item

(Make sure to contact us as fast as possible after you have received the order if you experience any wrongs or defects)

Make sure the package you return is in the best condition possible

When returning and exchanging, you are responsible for the item being delivered in the condition you send it in and we, therefore, recommend sending in photos before you send the package (this can be done by contacting our support team via email) This is because if any physical damage should occur, it can be possible to claim compensation from the shipping company.

Items that cannot be returned

Wrap the item as it was delivered. If the item has been used, the original packaging is damaged or missing accompanying labels, instructions for use, etc., the return is not approved and if you want the package sent back to you, shipping must be paid.

Sales items are non-return & refundable because of warehouse clearance. If you experience any wrongs or defects - please contact us as fast as possible.

Wrong size
All our products have different size charts. Make sure to read the product description closely and follow each size chart. Please note that sales items are non exchangable and refundable unless there should be any wrong size, product or color. Read more about refunds here.

How long time does a return & exchange take?
This depends on which country and delivery method you return the package from, but as soon as your order has reached our warehouse - we will inspect it and notify you via email. The inspection takes up to 3-5 business days.

When an item is approved for an exchange we will send out a new product within 3-5 days and the delivery time is 10-15 days. 

When a returned item is approved for a refund it takes up to 12 days for the amount to be refunded to your bank account. Read more about refunds here: Refund Policy

NB! Remember to contact our support team before returning the package. Please do not send your return to the address on the package you receive from us.